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AHEPA Scholarships

AHEPA Scholarship Programs

AHEPA offers a number of scholarships, from college scholarships, to studying abroad and at other college’s in the United States.

The following are scholarships available. As Applications open up, links and application deadlines will be provided.

AHEPAcademy: AHEPAcademy is a leadership and professional development program that identifies, educates, inspires, mentors, advances, and networks exceptional Greek-American high school students as they progress through their high school, college, graduate and professional careers.

Graduates of AHEPAcademy are eligible for further mentoring, access to a nationwide network of internships, and participation in continuing internet-based networking and learning opportunities throughout their academic careers and beyond. AHEPAcademy provides instruction and inspiration by prominent Greek-American and Philhellene instructors from the academic, professional, and public service fields across the United States.

AHEPA Journey to Greece: AHEPA, in partnership with Webster University, is sends 20 students annually to travel to various locations in Greece while earning college credit.

Building on the solid foundation of the highly successful Journey to Greece programs that have been offered in every year since 2006, AHEPA and Webster University offer an unforgettable learning experience for new and returning college age students. The Journey to Greece program has been specially designed to immerse young students in a wonderful learning experience celebrating Greek society and culture. New courses, exciting excursions and special arrangements make the Journey especially attractive to returning students.

WINS-Odyssey in Athens: An Experience of a Lifetime: Undergraduate Program: WINS-Odyssey in Athens offers accredited courses with an international or cross-cultural focus in anthropology, business administration, journalism, history, literature, political science and economics. Courses surveying Greek civilization from ancient times to the present, cover art and architecture, ethnography and culture, history, literature, politics, and language. There are no specific program requirements, but students are encouraged to take advantage of the Greek culture and language courses to the fullest extent possible. The undergraduate academic program consists of an 8 week term, where students can take up to 9 credits, a semester (16 weeks) where students can earn up to 18 credits, a full academic year for up to 36 credits and a 4 week summer session for up to 6 credits.

Students in transition to graduate school or employment in the international arena are also welcome to apply. Enrollment is for a term, single semester, full academic year or summer session.

Graduate Program: Students in graduate school can also participate in WINS-Odyssey in Athens. The graduate academic program consists of up to 5 credits per term (8 weeks), up to 10 credits per semester (16 weeks), up to 20 credits for a full academic year, and up to 4 credits for a summer session (4 weeks). Enrollment is for a single term, full semester, academic year, or summer session.

AHEPA Webster University MBA Program: Webster University, through its Athens Campus, is proud to offer for one time only its Higher Learning Commission (HLC), USA accredited Master of Business Administration in collaboration with AHEPA.

This 16-month intensive program takes students through 12 graduate level courses (36 Webster University credit hours) that lead to an internationally recognized Webster University MBA degree.

AHEPA District 14 Scholarships Scholarships are available to District 14 AHEPA, Daughters of Penelope, Sons of Pericles and Maids of Athena members, spouses and children. All Holy Spirit’s AHEPA Chapter is part of District 14.

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“I envision an Orthodox Christian community, devoted to worshiping God, and living the Gospel in the hope of our Salvation”

Love - Joy - Peace - Patience - Kindness - Goodness - Fidelity - Gentleness - Self-Control

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